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Thinkers' Corner


In 2012 I created Thinkers' Corner. It was meant as an initiative within the bureaucracy of Pakistan to mobilise civil servants to debate existing incentive and selection systems and suggest potential reforms to the government. The idea was to start the process of an incremental change within civil services and lay the foundation for better public service deliveryThe methodology adopted by the forum was to debate on a specific issue for a month. The team of Thinker's Corner would then conclude the debate and issue a report which was to be circulated among all its members, the National Commission for Government Reforms (NCGR) and various Civil Service Associations as well. Unfortunately, it failed to mobilize enough civil servants. 

First Debate: Security of Tenure of Civil Servants [click here]

Second Debate: Should the 10 percent armed forces quota into civil services continue as it is? [click here]

Civil Services Survey in Pakistan [click here]

(Not implemented by the government yet. If there are any comments please send me an email at

Why civil servants should be regularly surveyed [click here]

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